‘BLIND’ in 2019 Filminute Film Festival

'BLIND' in Filminute Film Festival

Indian filmmaker Abishek Swain’s one-minute film ‘BLIND’ is at its creative best while conveying the message of water conservation. The film is one of the selected 25 films from 18 countries vying for awards from both the jury and the worldwide audience at the Filminute Film Festival.

Voting is now open as Filminute is inviting you to watch each of the 25 films and cast ONE VOTE for your favorite film. Please visit the official festival site to watch all the listed films for the year 2019.

As we have just started watching some of the films, let’s watch ‘BLIND’ here before discussing more the story.

‘BLIND’ Storyline

The film is set in a typically busy and crowded railway station in India. A man opens a tap to drink water and hurriedly leaves without closing the tap properly. Water keeps on dropping and its sound makes it clear where this is heading.

As the camera moves to capture the activities of random travelers in the station, we’re introduced to our blind protagonist who hears the continuous dripping sound.

He soon fixes his support cane and starts walking, following the sound, and then tightens the tap properly. In the next moment, as we see him walking away, we again hear the slurping sound of someone drinking water, eventually bringing back the dripping sound. In the last shot, we see the blind man once again opening his walking stick.

While the focus of the storyline is on water conservation, it very beautifully uses the reference of usual indifferent human nature as well as the brighter side in highlighting the special ability of a blind person. A railway station that is usually noisy and crowded might be difficult for everyone to hear a tap open with running water, but then individual habits can help in rewiring our brain to have a better emotional response and mindful action.

The message of this short film very nicely reaches the audience. Hopefully, people, after watching this would be a little more careful and pay attention when it comes to the conservation of water.

Director, Writer, Editor: Abhishek Swain
Cinematography: Suraj Pattanayak
Cast: Anuj Kumar Pattanayak
Country: India

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