‘Checkmate’ | A Quarantine Horror Short Film

‘Checkmate’ | A Quarantine Horror Short Film

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has confined all of us inside our homes. There is hardly any chance to go out unless absolutely necessary, and in such circumstances, anyone living in their homes alone might experience something unusual.

The horror short ‘Checkmate’ explores one such possibility when an ordinary guy pulled into a wicked game with the presence of someone else in his kitchen. Amazed and unsure of the unknown presence, he welcomes the darkness and in turn, the darkness embraces him back.

Considering the fact that there are many quality horror shorts available on different streaming platforms, it is good to see filmmakers are trying their best with unique concepts. ‘Checkmate’ is one of those films where it catches our curiosity and then holds that until the end with an interesting ending.

What is even admirable about this film is writer-director Anupam Kant Verma does not feel the need to include any jump scare or weird occurring (which is very common in horror shorts) rather banks on the narration.

He simply made us think about whether we can ever be sure that there is no one else in our house. ‘Checkmate’ is a good short to watch, of course, if you enjoy the genre and appreciate the talent of indie filmmakers.  

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‘Checkmate’ is now streaming on YouTube

Direction, Writing & Editing: Anupam Kant Verma
Cinematography: Esha Varma
Music: Ishan Pant
Sound Design: Aaditya Joshi

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