Unreel: Pushes the Boundaries of Reality and Fiction

Unreel: Challenges the Boundaries of Reality and Fiction

Christopher Ian Smith’s (CI Smith) short horror film “UNREEL” explores a world where the line between reality and reel is blurred. This terrifying story explores the possibility of the end of cinema in the wake of the pandemic and offers a unique blend of suspense and symbolism.


Meet Lily, a film buff who gets her dream job as a projectionist at a local movie theater. But the pandemic strikes. With no films and no audiences, the theater is deserted. With the hope that cinemas will open again one day, she is now tasked with checking in on the projector to maintain it. Clean it. Run it. Maybe sneakily watch a movie.

One day, when Lily arrives at the cinema, she uncovers an obscure film loaded onto a drive. Her routine takes a frightening turn as a silent, scary loop begins to play. She understands that the horrors from the film may have just infiltrated her reality.

Our thoughts on the film

“Unreel” is a response to the pandemic’s influence on the film industry. As cinemas close and traditional theaters lose their charm, the film, directed by CI Smith, serves as an allegory for the shifting world of filmmaking and distribution. The story depicts the anxieties and fears that many in the creative industry have during these trying times.

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“Unreel” pays respect to cinematic horror, no matter how symbolic or allegorical it is. CI Smith’s imagination embraces and subverts the clichés of the genre across the decades, guaranteeing a unique and unpleasant experience for horror fans.

As Lily confronts the horrors both on and off the screen, audiences are taken on a journey that is not just scary but also thought-provoking. “Unreel” pushes the boundaries of reality and fiction, delivering a haunting experience.

Explore more of Christopher Ian Smith’s work and support his cinematic endeavors by visiting his official website – citizensmith.net.

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