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The Coffee Table: A Chilling Spanish Horror Finds its Way to North America

Cinephobia Releasing has acquired the distribution rights for the Spanish horror film, “The Coffee Table,” directed by Caye Casas. This bone-chilling tale, which goes beyond conventional horror, recently had its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, where it won the prestigious Best Film award in the Rebels with a Cause category. It […]

Below Zero (Bajocero) – Netflix’s Trending Spanish Action Thriller

Spanish action film Below Zero (Spanish: Bajocero), directed by Lluís Quílez, is now streaming on Netflix and has so far garnered rave reviews. This gritty and suspenseful action thriller is a must-watch even though at first glance the plotline does not sound that interesting and eventually succeeds with great performances and a tight script that […]

‘The Influence’ (Netflix Film Review) – Where Is the Scare?

Director Denis Rovira’s Netflix horror film ‘The Influence’ (original Spanish title: ‘La Influencia’) is one of those many available films on the streaming platform i.e. easily forgettable. After watching a 99-min long film, you will still ask many key questions, including the reason for making such a film with no substance. Neither ‘The Influence’ has […]

Sinister Circle (2017) – With an ancient Ouija board & a secret society

This Peruvian horror movie ‘Sinister Circle’ directed by Dorian Fernández-Moris, follows a psychologist (Fernanda) who returns from Mexico to her childhood place in Peru, together with her mute son (Julito), after hearing the news about her mother being hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. A sequel to the director’s earlier film Cementerio General, the storyline of […]

El Pacto (The Pact) – A Deal With The Devil

Directed by David Victori 2018-released Spanish psychological thriller “El Pacto” (The Pact) begins with a promising idea in which individuals make a deal with the devil to save their loved ones but in return, they will have to pay a heavy price. The suspenseful film follows Monica (played by Belen Rueda) who as a loving […]

Gun City – A crime drama set in 1920s Spain

Netflix’s 2018 crime drama ‘Gun City’ (original title – La sombra de la ley) is a good Spanish film we have seen recently. The film that has won three Goya Awards, including Artistic Direction and Best Cinematography (Josu Inchaustegui), follows characters in a chaotic 1920s Spain when the country was reeling under corruption amid political […]

Mona (2012) – Latvian Cinema Review

Latvian filmmaker Inara Kolmane’s MONA is an artistic take on the everyday life and human psyche of a very small countryside town in Latvia, where it seems the only profession one can really have is, in fact, in and around a slaughterhouse. The Spanish-language film follows Mona — a young vibrant lady, yet the settings […]

A Twelve-Year Night (2018) – Movie Review

The historical drama “A Twelve-Year Night” follows the 12-year-long incarceration of Jose “Pepe” Mujica and two other members of Tupamaro movement, who were jailed by Uruguay’s military dictatorship from 1972 to 1985. Originally titled in Spanish as “La noche de 12 años”, “A Twelve-Year Night” has Won the Best Film at the Cairo International Film […]

When Angels Sleep (2018) – Netflix Movie Review

Spanish thriller ‘When Angels Sleep’ – originally titled ‘Cuando los ángeles duermen’ follows a tired businessman German, dejected for missing her daughter’s birthday party because of office work, accidentally hits a woman with his car that starts a series of nightmarish events. Writer-Director Gonzalo Bendala’s thriller ‘When Angels Sleep’ narrates the ordeal and horror a […]

“Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil” (2018) – Movie Review

Errementari – Movie Plot The Spanish horror film ERREMENTARI: THE BLACKSMITH AND THE DEVIL, based on Basque folklore, follows a brutal blacksmith who captures and tortures a demon he blames for his misery, but when a trespassing orphan girl – unaware of the danger – releases the demon, they now must face the grave consequences. […]

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