El Pacto (The Pact) – A Deal With The Devil

El Pacto (The Pact) - A deal with the devil

Directed by David Victori 2018-released Spanish psychological thriller “El Pacto” (The Pact) begins with a promising idea in which individuals make a deal with the devil to save their loved ones but in return, they will have to pay a heavy price.

The suspenseful film follows Monica (played by Belen Rueda) who as a loving mother refuses to accept the death of her daughter. So, when a mysterious man offers a pact to save the life of her daughter, she accepts and against all odds, she saves her daughter. However, altering the natural course of life asks a heavy price to pay.

In the storyline, we see that Monica makes a deal with the man that she would take a life in order to save the life of her diabetic daughter. But, is this easy to take someone’s life? What happens if Monica doesn’t follow the rule and don’t kill someone? Is there are way out for her?

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Soon after the “El Pacto” (The Pact) sets off with this plot, it suggests we think about the spiritual side of our lives, and whether one should interfere with the law of nature (if there is a way).

While the story is all fictional, the idea of God and the Devil or Evil is there in every religion. So, the point here is whenever we try to take a shortcut in our lives, or whenever we refuse to accept certain things as they come, we are bound to face the evil side in the form of uncertainty and hardship.

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Nevertheless, “El Pacto” successfully created the necessary atmospheric elements in the first half an hour. We also get to see the supernatural side with the appearance of a spider, alerting and indicating to Monica the time to kill someone else.

The spider, in different cultures, symbolizes many things, including mischief and malice intents. Here the film, probably further suggests how it is difficult to escape from the clutches of the devil. Also, in some cultures, the spider web is used as a metaphor that shows how all our actions are interlinked and how there are things written in our fate that cannot be reversed.

El Pacto (The Pact) - A deal with the devil
Mireia Oriol, Belén Rueda and Darío Grandinetti in “El Pacto” © www.ikirufilms.com

“El Pacto” is good in concept and to some extent, it was beautifully translated on to the screen. The film highlights some moral issues, human nature, the consequences of our acts, and the essence to stay away from evil. However, the story lacks the emotion to allow us to feel for the characters.

While the film could have been better in narration to hold key things together, it has a stellar cast who justifies their roles. Belen Rueda (‘The Orphanage’) is wonderful in her role as Monica, while the performance of Mireia Oriol as the daughter is decent enough, even though we expect more from the mother-daughter bonding.

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Original Title: El Pacto (English title: The Pact)
Genre: Suspense, Psychological Thriller
Directed by: David Victori
Screenplay: David Victori, Jordi Vallejo
Cast: Belén Rueda, Mireia Oriol, Darío Grandinetti, Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Josean Bengoetxea, Carlus Fàbrega, Vanessa Buchaca, Sebastian Montecino
Country: Spain
Year of Release: 2018


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