Year: 2019

‘The 9th Precinct’ (Review) – Taiwanese Horror Thriller

Leo Wang’s Taiwanese horror film “The 9th Precinct” depicts the tale of a specialized police unit that solely handles paranormal crimes. The special department with psychics handles cases as reported by ghosts in the same manner as police handle cases involving humans. As intriguing as it may sound, the movie’s entire setup is comic and […]

OUTRAGE – Teaser Promises Some Extended Fight Scenes

As promised earlier by the filmmakers of OUTRAGE, i.e. to be an action-packed thriller, here is the teaser that looks absolutely stunning with some amazingly choreographed fight scenes. Directed by Sandeep JL and starring JF Davis, the film is expected to be released in March 2020. This is one of the much-anticipated independent action thrillers […]

The Curse of La Llorona (2019) – Based on a Mexican folklore

Filmmaker Michael Chaves’ supernatural horror film “The Curse of La Llorona” is the 6th installment of the ‘The Conjuring’ cinematic universe. Co-produced by James Wan, the story of the film, as the name suggests, is based on Mexican lore, and hence is not based around characters we have seen before. “The Curse of La Llorona”, […]

‘Jamtara’ – Netflix India Crime Series (TRAILER)

Netflix has announced the release date for its upcoming fictionalized true-crime series, ‘Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega’ with a trailer. The series will start streaming on January 10, 2020. It captures the horrible side of a small village in India where crime is the way of life. The trailer in its few clips shows how […]

‘Sweet Girl’ (2021) – Netflix Action Thriller, Jason Momoa

Directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza and starring Jason Momoa, the upcoming Netflix action thriller “Sweet Girl” has added Academy Award Winner Marisa Tomei to its cast. As reported, she might be playing a negative character. The film is a revenge thriller, co-written by Gregg Hurwitz, Philip Eisner, and Will Staples. ‘Sweet Girl’ follows Jason Momoa’s […]

‘The Grudge’ (2020) – Movie Trailer, Posters, and More

Sony Pictures has recently released a new poster and teaser/trailer for its upcoming supernatural horror film ‘The Grudge’. The film written and directed by Nicolas Pesce is a reboot of the 2004 horror film of the same name. Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu is the director of the original Japanese horror movie ‘Ju-On’ (2002) and the […]

'6 Underground' – Netflix Movie Review – Loud, Insane & Hysterical

Michael Bay’s action thriller ‘6 Underground’ starring Ryan Reynolds is probably the film you would never like to watch in theatre, as this has more negatives than positives. The makers have realized the fact and made this available on Netflix eager to offer this to a wider audience. ‘6 Underground’ follows an unnamed American tech […]

‘The Gift’ – Netflix’s Turkish Supernatural Drama

Netflix is bringing its second Turkish mystery series ‘The Gift,’ a series that follows the life of a painter in Istanbul. ‘Fatmagul’ star Beren Saat (“Forbidden Love” or Aşk-i Memnu) and Mehmet Günsür (“Loves Likes Coincidences” or Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever) star in this series ‘The Gift’ based on the novel Dünyanın Uyanışı by Şengül Boybaş. […]

‘Followers’ – Follows the Lives of Aspiring Tokyo Women

Netflix will launch the first Japanese live-action original series ‘Followers’ globally on February 27, 2020. Tokyo-based photographer and filmmaker Mika Ninagawa (Diner, No Longer Human) directs this new drama that captures the distinct and vibrant lifestyle of women living in Japan’s capital city. The nine-episode long ‘Followers’ has an original story that depicts Tokyo as […]

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