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“Letters of The Dead” – A New Horror Short Film

With his latest horror short, “Letters of The Dead,” writer-director Vincent Dormani takes viewers on a haunting trip through the ghostly. The plot revolves around two friends who discover a mysterious letterbox capable of connecting them with spirits. The story unfolds as a girl finds a creepy letterbox from her deceased grandfather’s home. She prompts […]

The Sprayer: A Sci-Fi Animated Short Film Depicting a Bleak World & the Hope for Change

Iranian director Farnoosh Abedi’s multiple award-winning sci-fi animated short “The Sprayer” is a powerful commentary on the devastating consequences of unchecked totalitarianism and climate change. The film depicts a bleak and barren world, ravaged by war, where the ruling sprayer army has forbidden any form of plant growth, whether public or private. In this dystopian […]

“The New Hands” – Premieres at Silicon Beach Film Festival

Written and directed by Brandon Scullion (based on his short film The New Hands), the new horror film follows Bram Victor who believes that cutting off his recently mangled hands and replacing them with a new set he’s constructed from the pieces of his victims will bring his ex-girlfriend back to him. The film is […]

HOWARD ORIGINAL – A Feature Comedy-Drama Satire

Directed by Natalie Rodriguez (“The Extraordinary Ordinary“), HOWARD ORIGINAL is an award-winning comedy-drama satire about the entertainment industry, where a washed-up screenwriter encounters with more than just selling a story, a studio rejection, and writer’s block when his pet cat comes to life. The film begins streaming on Friday, May 21 on Amazon Prime, Tubi, […]

THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY – A Story Around Mental Health Issues & Recovery

This film is a deep look into the lives of primary and secondary survivors of trauma and how it can affect one’s mental health; however, in the end, hope is what makes living and moving forward with dreams possible. The award-winning indie drama The Extraordinary Ordinary has a very much relatable story based around mental […]

‘Legend of The Muse’ – Horror Drama Based on an Irish Folklore

Written and directed by John Burr, ‘Legend of The Muse’ is a horror drama based on an ancient legend in which a painter draws inspiration from a mythical spirit that may or may not be his muse. While the film is not that thrilling or horrific in terms of jump scares or supernatural occurring, it […]

‘Shifter’ (Trailer): Horror Twist to a Time Travel Story

Upcoming sci-fi horror feature ‘Shifter’, directed and co-written by Jacob Leighton Burns, is set for an August 6th VOD release. The film has a time travel story that follows a young woman Theresa who randomly keeps traveling through time after an experiment goes wrong. Shifter is a science-fiction with a horror twist, as we watch […]

BILL (Horror Short) – Simple, Yet Spooky

Horror short films always fascinate me for the filmmakers’ vision and efforts in bringing something to screen in a very short time. BILL is one of the recent horror shorts that catches the attention of viewers in just 3 minutes of run time. Co-written and directed by Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair, BILL is one […]

‘Checkmate’ | A Quarantine Horror Short Film

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has confined all of us inside our homes. There is hardly any chance to go out unless absolutely necessary, and in such circumstances, anyone living in their homes alone might experience something unusual. The horror short ‘Checkmate’ explores one such possibility when an ordinary guy pulled into a wicked game with […]

OUTRAGE – Teaser Promises Some Extended Fight Scenes

As promised earlier by the filmmakers of OUTRAGE, i.e. to be an action-packed thriller, here is the teaser that looks absolutely stunning with some amazingly choreographed fight scenes. Directed by Sandeep JL and starring JF Davis, the film is expected to be released in March 2020. This is one of the much-anticipated independent action thrillers […]

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