BILL (Horror Short) – Simple, Yet Spooky

BILL (Horror Short) – Simple, Yet Spooky

Horror short films always fascinate me for the filmmakers’ vision and efforts in bringing something to screen in a very short time. BILL is one of the recent horror shorts that catches the attention of viewers in just 3 minutes of run time.

Co-written and directed by Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair, BILL is one of those very few horror short films that manage to establish an interesting atmosphere while instilling enough scare with haunting imagery. The film allows us to do our guessing, as it slowly reveals its interesting premise and eventually prompts us to ask for more.

The film follows a grieving widow who practices some dark art to meet her deceased husband once again. This is where the idea gets interesting with the supernatural occurrences, while not emphasizing on jump-scares. Unlike many other such films, BILL frightens our minds and stays with us for long.

Watch the horror short film – BILL

BILL – Horror Short Film from Sketchbook Pictures on Vimeo.

As shown in the film, it is true that in many parts of the world, people practice different methods to call spirits and talk to the dead. While most of us generally do not know much about the actual result, there is enough written material in terms of stories and folklore of such practices since ancient times.

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However, sometimes we might wonder what happens if we end up communicating with something or someone else from the other world. This is where our imagination throws many possibilities and hence such an interesting storyline.

I would recommend everyone to watch this simple, yet spooky horror film.

Here is what the filmmakers say about BILL

The film is a DIY Self-Funded short film inspired by the Ghost our two young sons would talk to in the ceiling called ‘Bill’. We were chilled to the bone and the events inspired this 3-minute film which premiered at the prestigious Encounters Short Film Festival 2019.

The film BILL was partially conceived as a challenge to shoot a short film in our own house, with our props in just one day. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our festival submission strategy has been cut short, so we have decided to release the project online.

Cast: Roxanna Vilk, Chris Bianchi & Hugo Stanbury
Writer/Director/Producer: Dan Gitsham & Sophie Mair
Art Director/Costume: Sophie Mair
Director of Photography: Tomoi Summers
Sound/Music: Dave Colebrook
Editor: Dan Gitsham & James Taggart
VFX: Matt Harris-Freeth & Neil Giles
Camera Assistant: Jack Hayter
Production Assistant: Kate Fairhurst

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