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Inner Child: An upcoming psychological horror film

“Inner Child” is a gripping psychological horror feature film, based on Natalie Rodriguez’s acclaimed novella and short screenplay. The film follows Cassie, a college freshman who cuts ties with her toxic family but is plagued by recurring nightmares. When these nightmares become increasingly real and invasive, Cassie seeks help from her therapist, Dr. Reid, hoping […]

HOWARD ORIGINAL – A Feature Comedy-Drama Satire

Directed by Natalie Rodriguez (“The Extraordinary Ordinary“), HOWARD ORIGINAL is an award-winning comedy-drama satire about the entertainment industry, where a washed-up screenwriter encounters with more than just selling a story, a studio rejection, and writer’s block when his pet cat comes to life. The film begins streaming on Friday, May 21 on Amazon Prime, Tubi, […]

THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY – A Story Around Mental Health Issues & Recovery

This film is a deep look into the lives of primary and secondary survivors of trauma and how it can affect one’s mental health; however, in the end, hope is what makes living and moving forward with dreams possible. The award-winning indie drama The Extraordinary Ordinary has a very much relatable story based around mental […]

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