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CRUEL PETER (Trailer) – Summoning a Spirit Trapped in a Cemetery

Here in India, we are yet to watch CRUEL PETER on any streaming platform, as it is currently not available on Netflix India or Prime. Nevertheless, the trailer looks interesting that follows the ghost of a 13-year-old boy, Peter, who was killed in a revenge attack, as he was notorious for his cruelty to children, […]

‘May the Devil Take You’ – Netflix – Movie Review

The Indonesian horror film “May the Devil Take You” (original title: ‘Sebelum Iblis Menjemput’) from the director Timo Tjahjanto (“The Night Comes for Us“) is a mixture of all kinds of horror movies. While the movie has many horrifying moments filled with gore and jump-scares, it never really comes out strong because of an unimpressive […]

‘Under the Shadow’ (2016): A Horror Film Based On 1980s Tehran

Well, I am hopeful of the horror genre, which is constantly evolving with innovation in story, concept, as well as overall treatment in filmmaking. Iranian film Under the Shadow is probably the best example of how one filmmaker tries to pass social commentary in terms of women empowerment and repressing tradition while making not a […]

“Unfriended: Dark Web” (2018) – Watch the Trailer

As a follow up to Unfriended (2014), the recently released movie trailer of the Unfriended: Dark Web looks dark and disturbing. Directed by Stephen Susco and produced by Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions), the film is set for July 20 release. Considering the whole concept of Internet and personal privacy, as a key subject of discussion […]

More to the Annabelle Story – A Sequel to Creation

For all the horror movie buffs, here is the good news – the third movie in the Annabelle franchise, a sequel to the Annabelle Creation has been announced. As per reports, this movie will open on July 03, 2019. This is over a year of time to wait, but James Wan and New Line Cinema […]

A Quiet Place (2018) – Movie Review

Set in a post-apocalyptic earth, A Quiet Place deals with dreadful alien creatures that are now dangerous to the remaining human population, who are struggling to survive by turning quiet to everything. Yes, you make any sound and you’re a gone case. Those aliens use sound to track and kill humans. This Emily Blunt and […]

Les Affamés (aka Ravenous): Movie Review

Director Robin Aubert’s zombie apocalypse Ravenous generates more than enough interest for you to watch the film till the end than those many others in the sub-genre. This horror film (in French language – Les Affamés) banks heavily on the plot, environment and some great performance. The film has won the Toronto International Film Festival […]

The Ritual – Netflix Original Horror Scores Well

I have been a big fan of some of the Netflix Original films, and the latest one I watched is David Bruckner-directed The Ritual. The plotline of the film, in which four friends go for a hiking trip and encounter an ancient monster, is not unique to the core – but certainly has its moments. […]

Happy Death Day (2017) – Movie Review

A Blumhouse slasher horror flick Happy Death Day (previously titled ‘Half to Death’) has a very aptly used Groundhog Day reference point when a college girl finds herself trapped in a time loop to relive her murder day over and over again until she figures out her killer. This movie is very much original in […]

Arbor Demon (Enclosure) (2016) – Into the Mystery of the Woods

Arbor Demon (Original Title – Enclosure) is a tension-filled modern-age horror drama, set in the mystery of the woods, that keeps you on the edge of your seat with enough thrill and horror. The film Arbor Demon is a warning to everyone who often prefers to go deep into the woods for adventure or simply to […]

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