More to the Annabelle Story – A Sequel to Creation

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For all the horror movie buffs, here is the good news – the third movie in the Annabelle franchise, a sequel to the Annabelle Creation has been announced. As per reports, this movie will open on July 03, 2019.

This is over a year of time to wait, but James Wan and New Line Cinema have announced this project making the writer of Annabelle movies, Gary Dauberman, the director of the untitled project. Dauberman will also pen the movie storyline.

Annabelle and The Conjuring (2013) franchise has been very successful, and this upcoming project is expected to catch the audience’s attention with a compelling story and visuals.

As per the Annabelle stories in the earlier films, the first film Annabelle took place sometime in 1967. This was a prequel to The Conjuring (2013), and Annabelle Creation took us back to 1955 with the origin of the haunted doll. So, there is enough scope to develop another movie keeping the period between 1955 and 1967, or even jump forward for a sequel to Annabelle.

John Leonetti directed the first Annabelle movie, and David F. Sandberg directed the prequel, Annabelle: Creation. Both have been huge box office successes. With the upcoming movie, this prequel and sequel journey of James Wan’s The Conjuring (rather its extended universe) will continue to entertain us.

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The titular doll has been the center of attraction in the previous Annabelle movies and when we think of the possibility of the creepy doll moving from one family to another, we can expect more chilling stories to be told.

Considering there are other movies coming, including yet-to-be-released The Nun (September 7, 2018), directed by Corin Hardy and written by Dauberman, we can hope that this Annabelle Creation sequel will have enough substance to even carry the franchise forward.

The Nun, as per James Wan, can be connected to The Conjuring. Wan had said earlier that he has an idea for a sequel to The Nun that would bring all the films and the stories to a full circle.

For all of us to remember, there has already been an effort in this regard, as the demonic The Nun character was already introduced in The Conjuring. So, yes, let’s save this for another day to discuss the possibilities in this interlinked yet multiple-movie franchise.

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