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“No One Gets Out Alive” (2021) Netflix Movie Review

Based on a novel by supernatural horror writer Adam Nevill (The Ritual) and starring Cristina Rodlo (The Terror: Infamy), “No One Gets Out Alive” is the latest Netflix horror film that has a few solid ideas in play, exploring some gothic horror while keeping an outlook of the immigration crisis. The film follows an undocumented […]

‘Freaks: You’re One Of Us’ (Film Review) – Predictable, Yet Entertaining

Netflix’s recent superhero film ‘Freaks: You’re One Of Us’ (German: Freaks – Du bist eine von uns) begins with a promising tone by bringing the idea of the inner (rather superhuman) strength of ordinary people and what happens when they get to learn about their powers, but somehow could not capitalize more on the psychology […]

‘The Old Guard’ (Review): The Dark Side of Being Deathless

This Netflix adaptation of the Greg Rucka comic book is impressively directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood with some thought-provoking outlook on the lives of fictional superheroes. Led by the character of Charlize Theron, this new superhero team has a lot to share that goes beyond a usual comic book fare.  ‘The Old Guard’ is indeed an […]

“Lost Bullet” (Movie Review) – Survives Only With Action

Netflix’s action-thriller ‘Lost Bullet’ (Balle Perdue) is the latest French action movie coming out of an industry that is known for films like District 13, Sleepless Night, Taxi, and many others in the genre. While it lacks in story and thrill, it’s pretty good in action which makes it entertaining. “Lost Bullet” Movie Plot or […]

‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ – An Engaging Netflix Sci-Fi Drama

Director Jim Mickle’s Netflix film ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is one of the most creative and intriguing time travel stories we have watched in recent times. The film is a classic example of how there is still scope for filmmakers to experiment with the concept while creating something unique. Beginning in the year […]

Chopsticks – Netflix’s latest Indian original film (Review)

Netflix’s latest Indian original film “Chopsticks”, starring Abhay Deol, Mithila Palkar, and Vijay Raaz, is one of those very few Hindi films that is very much unique in content and treatment. Not very often do we find any reference to such characterization or storyline in any of the recent films (I may be wrong though). […]

THE SILENCE (Review) – Netflix’s ‘A Quiet Place’

With the latest Netflix thriller, THE SILENCE, we might wonder why the makers are trying hard to overexpose an idea that’s already been explored by others. Yes, we have watched films like “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box“, but this one from the director John R. Leonetti (“Annabelle”) has no originality. THE SILENCE is yet […]

“Apostle” (2018) – An unsettling tale of a cult following

Netflix’s horror film “Apostle” narrates an early 20th-century story of a religious cult and the heroics of an opium addict Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens), who sneaks into a remotely located island cult to rescue his sister but uncovers many evil secrets. Writer and director of “The Raid” franchise, Gareth Evans brings this classic horror piece […]

THE ANGEL – Political drama, a true spy story (Trailer)

Netflix recently dropped the movie trailer of its upcoming political drama THE ANGEL, based on a true story. The film follows the life of Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan who helped save Israel. Among many of the recently released Netflix movie trailers, this one looks amazing. If we go back to recent history and learn who […]

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