“No One Gets Out Alive” (2021) Netflix Movie Review

“No One Gets Out Alive” (2021) Netflix Movie Review

Based on a novel by supernatural horror writer Adam Nevill (The Ritual) and starring Cristina Rodlo (The Terror: Infamy), “No One Gets Out Alive” is the latest Netflix horror film that has a few solid ideas in play, exploring some gothic horror while keeping an outlook of the immigration crisis.

The film follows an undocumented Mexican woman, Ambar, who in order to realize her American dream is forced to live in a boarding house while working in a textile factory in Cleveland. While she is still struggling to get her falsified identity papers, her life inside that dilapidated boarding house turns weird as she starts hearing cries and screams of women, as well as disturbing visions of supernatural presence.

With its haunted house premise, “No One Gets Out Alive” is pretty slow in the beginning but somehow manages to keep us engaged with great performances and a tight script towards the end. Also, director Santiago Menghini’s narrative style or structure of the storyline very cleverly finds ways to link Ambar’s relationship with her mother, her present circumstances, and the presence of a supernatural entity.

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The film, however, could not explore or explain immigrant exploitation. The whole social commentary was only on the surface even though the whole imagery is interesting enough to read more about the cultural references for such horror tales.

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In the whole story, Ambar emerges as a strong character in dealing with hardships, but as she is still an immigrant with a dream and must fight with a hostile outside world, she eventually finds her solace inside the mysterious world ruled by an ancient ghost, goddesses, or that orphic creature who certainly lives on blood offerings.

Overall, the film is engaging and will certainly prompt you to read more about any references to the gothic horror elements and the metaphorical imagery we see in the film.

Besides, it’s a must to mention the solid performance of Cristina Rodlo as Ambar. She shines in her role as an immigrant trying to find a better life with little happiness that everyone deserves in this world. But, as the film’s title suggests, there is no safe way out as not everyone is lucky enough to find their share of happiness in a ruthless world.

Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller
Director: Santiago Menghini
Cast: Cristina Rodlo, Marc Menchaca, David Figlioli, David Barrera, Moronke Akinola.
Screenwriter: Jon Croker, Fernanda Coppel, and Adam Nevill. Based on a novel by horror maestro Adam Nevill.
Release Date (Streaming on Netflix): Sep 29, 2021
Country: United Kingdom

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