Horror Film “GUIMOON (귀문): The Lightless Door” (TRAILER)

Horror Film “GUIMOON (귀문): The Lightless Door” (TRAILER)

Director Shim Deok-geun’s Korean horror-thriller “GUIMOON: The Lightless Door” is set for an August 18th release in South Korea and cinemas around the world in three different versions: 2D, Screen X, and 4DX.


In the film’s storyline, the focus is on a haunted training center that is infamous for mass murder in 1990 in which the building manager kills several guests and commits suicide. Since then, repeated incidents of suicide and fatal incidents result in its permanent closing.

Over the years, it is believed that there is a door, called “guimoon,” in the abandoned premise that houses some evil entity. As per the rumors, no one has returned alive after going through the door.

Meanwhile, ‘Do-jin’ (played by Kim Kang-woo), director of the Psychic Research Institute, along with three college students come to the training center to shoot a video for a competition and uncover the truth behind the door. As they venture into the premise passing through the door (guimoon), strange things start to occur leaving them terrified and running for their lives.

Director: Shim Deok-geun
Cast: Kang-Woo Kim, So-Hye Kim, Jeong-Hyeong Lee, Jin- Ki Hong
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Country: South Korea
Release: August 18th, 2021

Photo Courtesy of CJ CGV

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