Tag: Korean horror

Horror Film “GUIMOON (귀문): The Lightless Door” (TRAILER)

Director Shim Deok-geun’s Korean horror-thriller “GUIMOON: The Lightless Door” is set for an August 18th release in South Korea and cinemas around the world in three different versions: 2D, Screen X, and 4DX. GUIMOON Trailer In the film’s storyline, the focus is on a haunted training center that is infamous for mass murder in 1990 […]

“I Can Only See” (Naman Boini) – 2021 Korean Movie (Trailer)

Directed by Lim Yong-jae, the upcoming Korean horror-comedy “I Can Only See” (native title 나만 보이니, Naman Boini) is expected to release in Korea on July 21. The film’s trailer is now available on the video streaming platform YouTube.   The film’s premise looks entertaining that follows a film crew who arrives in an abandoned […]

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