“I Can Only See” (Naman Boini) – 2021 Korean Movie (Trailer)

“I Can Only See” (Naman Boini) – 2021 Korean Film

Directed by Lim Yong-jae, the upcoming Korean horror-comedy “I Can Only See” (native title 나만 보이니, Naman Boini) is expected to release in Korea on July 21. The film’s trailer is now available on the video streaming platform YouTube.  

The film’s premise looks entertaining that follows a film crew who arrives in an abandoned hotel in the middle of a picturesque surroundings to shoot their project. Soon what seems a routine job turns into a game of fun and horror as one of the crew members sights a supernatural entity, although not everyone is convinced of the claims.

Nevertheless, as the site happens to be haunted, they must now find their way to continue filming despite the paranormal occurrences or see what is responsible for the eerie atmosphere.

While we all have watched many found-footage horror films, we expect the comic elements in this Korean film “I Can Only See” to be fun to watch. To horror movie fans, the presence of a supernatural entity is not just enough, we would like to see how well the film has been directed and if at all, it delivers real fun not just horror with jumpscares.

Starring: Jeong Jinwoon, Solbin, Kwak Hee-sung, Hoon, Lee Se-hee, Lee Soon-won
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror
Directed by Lim Yong-jae
Country: South Korea
Release Date: July 21, 2021

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