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THE SHALLOWS (2016) – Might Give Chills To Surfers

American survival thriller THE SHALLOWS has many things that will give you a chilling experience and will even remind you of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws. In the recent past, we have not watched many good sea survival thrillers. Leaving aside Jaws, Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea (1999), and the 2003-released psychological horror drama Open […]

PINK (2016) – Movie Review

PINK, directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, is one of the best message-driven films to come out of the Hindi film industry. Given the prevalence of rape, sexual harassment, and numerous cases of female harassment across the country, ‘PINK’ sheds light on our psyche and the reality of our society. The film also cast actors such […]

Korean movie Montage inspires Hindi film TE3N

I have always been a big fan of Korean cinema, particularly those in the romantic and thriller genres. On the other side, movies in Indian cinema are more in the category of masala with music and wholesome entertainment. So, whenever I hear about some thriller or horror in Indian cinema, I tend to dig more […]

The Boy (2016) – More a Thriller than a Horror

The Boy is directed by William Brent Bell, who is known for his horror films such as Stay Alive (2006) and The Devil Inside (2012). The film has its share of tense moments and good acting, but it falls flat in the second half as it transitions from horror to thriller. The Boy, starring Lauren […]

Final Girl (2015) – Abigail Breslin Stars In This Horror Action Thriller

Renowned photographer and music video director Tyler Shields’ directorial debut Final Girl although looks slick and stylish in the trailer, lacks content to be an engaging thriller. Abigail Breslin who got an Oscar nomination for Little Miss Sunshine is in lead as Veronica, a shy and vulnerable girl who can be the easy target of a group of teenage […]

Tom Hanks to Star in “The Circle”

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks is reportedly interested to produce and star in an upcoming film project named The Circle. Yes, as the name suggests, it is a Dave Eggers novel adaptation with a very interesting plot to share with you all. The screenplay of the film will be written and directed by James Ponsoldt. Other […]

Secret Window (2004) – An Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novella

An adaptation of Stephen King’s novella of the same name, the Johnny Depp starrer Secret Window is an average thriller in a predictable sequence of events. While the acting of Depp with his very eccentricities drives the story forward and actually makes you watch the whole film, there are certainly a few plot holes that […]

The Purge (2013) – Film Review

Written and directed by James DeMonaco, The Purge depicts a near future (2022) America where the new founding fathers have implemented a new system in place – an Annual Purge. According to the new social and government-sanctioned system, the Annual Purge is the day when everyone is free to commit any crime during a 12-hour lockdown (7 […]

Would You Rather (2013) – Movie review

Director David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather (2013) is a nice low budget thriller but somehow failed to attract universal attraction in comparison to some of its contemporaries. The film plays a diabolical version of the popular dinner party parlour game Would You Rather where the participants must opt for one of the two dreadful punishments, often […]

Good People (2013) – Based on Marcus Sakey's Novel

Based on Marcus Sakey’s 2008 novel, ‘Good People’ is an action thriller directed by Henrik Ruben Genz and written by Kelly Masterson. The film stars James Franco and Kate Hudson in prominent roles. Tom: We spent our whole lives being good, right? And what has it gotten us? Nothing. So maybe this money is a gift […]

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