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The Circle (2017) – Privacy is a temporary thing

Based on Dave Eggers’ 2013 novel, the film The Circle follows a young woman who joins her dream job at a powerful tech firm named The Circle, but only to find out how the company’s technology, rather the agendas are affecting the lives of many people. The film starts by introducing Mae (Emma Watson) who […]

Best of Tom Hanks Movies

There is always a difference you will find between good actors and great actors. If you ever observe actors, you will know why some great actors get more appreciation for their work as compared to others. The Hollywood film industry has given us many great actors and Tom Hanks is one of them. Tom Hanks […]

‘Sully’ (2016) – Movie Review

Tom Hanks’ magical performance and Clint Eastwood’s direction, without taking the route of sensationalization, work in favor of the 2016 American biographical drama ‘Sully’. Indeed it is an inspiring true story of airline pilot Chesley Sully Sullenberger’s heroic emergency landing of the US Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. The movie is fast-paced and to […]

Inferno – Tom Hanks returns for a new Dan Brown bestselling novel

The Da Vinci Code, directed by Ron Howard, was released ten years ago, and now he is back with another film adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel Inferno, starring none other than Tom Hanks. He reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, opposite Felicity Jones as Dr. Sienna Brooks. Below is the first teaser […]

Bridge Of Spies (2015) – A Spielberg Masterpiece

Bridge of Spies is a Spielberg masterpiece that landed in Oscars with as many as six nominations and won Best Supporting Actor. Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance star in this Cold War sentimental suspense thriller that introduces you to the world of espionage. The tagline of the movie Bridge of Spies reads: “In the shadow […]

Tom Hanks to Star in “The Circle”

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks is reportedly interested to produce and star in an upcoming film project named The Circle. Yes, as the name suggests, it is a Dave Eggers novel adaptation with a very interesting plot to share with you all. The screenplay of the film will be written and directed by James Ponsoldt. Other […]

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