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The Hunter’s Prayer (2017) – A Sloppy Action Thriller

The Hunter’s Prayer follows an assassin and one of his targets – a girl whom the hitman opts not to kill, and goes on to help her in seeking revenge for the murder of her family. This is a fast-paced action thriller but falls to the formulaic script. Starring Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush in […]

‘I Am Heath Ledger’ – Celebrating the Life of a True Artist

The documentary I Am Heath Ledger introduces you to many facets of this wonderfully gifted actor who has left an everlasting impact in his short life. Yes, this documentary on Heath Ledger will for sure make you emotional while reminding you of some of his finest performances. It was on 22 January 2008 (aged 28) that […]

Best of Tom Hanks Movies

There is always a difference you will find between good actors and great actors. If you ever observe actors, you will know why some great actors get more appreciation for their work as compared to others. The Hollywood film industry has given us many great actors and Tom Hanks is one of them. Tom Hanks […]

Hangman (2015): A Home Invasion Thriller

The critics have given mixed reviews to the found-footage thriller Hangman, directed by Adam Mason. The film begins with the Miller family returning from vacation to find their home broken into and ransacked by someone. As they settled in, reassured by cops that it could be a case of some teenagers wanting a place to […]

‘They Found Hell’ (2015) – Just An Idea, No Execution

They Found Hell is about a group of college students who become trapped inside an unknown place filled with horror and despair after inadvertently opening a portal to another dimension using a teleportation device. They must find a way out while being pursued by the inhabitants of this hell-like place. Every religion has a concept […]

Spielberg Brings the Classic ‘The BFG’ to Screen

Beloved children’s author Roald Dahl (James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Witches, Fantastic Mr. Fox) would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2016 and hence it’s a fitting tribute by Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg to bring one of Dahl’s classics ‘The BFG’ to the theatre. Dahl’s adored classic “The BFG” and the idea […]

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