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There is always a difference you will find between good actors and great actors. If you ever observe actors, you will know why some great actors get more appreciation for their work as compared to others. The Hollywood film industry has given us many great actors and Tom Hanks is one of them.

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of all time. He has acted in various genres of films and in each film he gave his finest performance. There are only a few actors who have given hit films back to back, and Tom Hanks is one of them. We have prepared a list of some his most critically acclaimed films of all time, hope you will like it.

The Terminal (2004)

The Terminal is the story of Viktor Navorski who gets stuck at JFK airport in New York City. The reason behind not welcoming Viktor Navorski into the US is because there’s a civil war going on within his country Krakozhia, and the United States no longer recognizes the country as a sovereign nation. With no way out, Viktor made the international transit lounge his home until the war at home is over. However, during this time, Viktor Navorski discovers the life of different kind of people working at the airport terminal. It is the film which has a simple story, but the direction of Steven Spielberg and brilliant acting of Tom Hanks make this movie worth watching.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Do you ever imagine what will happen if two business rivals meet online and fall in love with each other? Well, it is the story of You’ve got Mail where Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) meets Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and eventually they fall in deep love without knowing that they are rivals in real life. If you are the fan of Rom-Com movies, then you should see this one.

Big (1988)

A 13-year-old boy makes a wish to get bigger in size. When he wakes up next morning, he finds himself in the body of an adult, but he is still the boy inside. It takes the real talent to act the young boy in the body of thirty-something, and Tom Hanks performed brilliantly in this film. We all want to return to our old days, and after watching this movie, you will start to miss your old days.

Captain Phillips (2013)

Captain Philips is a biopic based on 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking incident, which was an intriguing story and ordeal of the people involved. It was Captain Phillips who saved the lives of his crew member from those dangerous Somali pirates. In this jaw-dropping thriller film, Tom Hanks played the real-life hero Phillips flawlessly, and one should not miss this epic hostage drama.

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Philadelphia (1993)

Philadelphia tells the story of a homosexual lawyer Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), who is diagnosed with AIDS but fears informing his employer about the disease. However, as the company later comes to know about Andrew’s condition – he was fired from his job. Andrew believed that he was removed from the job because of his illness, and so he wanted to sue the company. But no lawyer wanted to take his case considering the reputation of the company. However, a homophobic lawyer Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) takes the case of him and seeks justice for him in the court. In the 90s very few films were made on the topics of homosexuality and AIDS, and Philadelphia is one of them. The way Tom Hanks acted in this movie is the reason he won the Oscar.

The Green Mile (1999)

Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), the head of a guarded prison, meets John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), who is accused of raping and murdering two girls. However, soon Paul realizes that John has some magical powers and some strange things start to happen with him and his colleagues. The Green Mile is that kind of fantasy film which can make you cry and laugh at the same time. Both actors Tim Hanks and Michael Duncan gave their best performance in this epic fantasy film.

Cast Away (2000)

Cast Away is a survival movie inspired by real-life events. It tells us the story of a man who gets stuck on the deserted island after his plane crashes and now he has to face lots of unpredictable odds to survive on the deadly island. This film urges us to ask ourselves what we would do if we get stuck on an isolated island. Cast Away is brilliantly directed, and Tom Hanks took lots of hard work to get into the skin of the character he played. This film can teach us lots of valuable lessons of our lives, and it is one of the best films of Tom Hanks.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Saving Private Ryan is a war based movie directed by famous director Steven Spielberg. The film follows Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his entire team who goes on a mission to find and bring Private Ryan (Matt Damon) home safely. Saving Private Ryan is consider as one of the greatest warmovies of all time because of its brilliant storytelling, direction, background score and acting by all the actors. However, Tom Hanks overshadowed everyone in this excellent war film, and if you haven’t seen this movie, then you have probably missed one of the best Hollywood war movies of all time.

The Forrest Gump (1994)

There are so many great movies of Tom Hanks in which he showed his impeccable performances, but none of them match the level of this film. This whole film is a life journey of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), who used to be a failure but however, he overcomes every problem. This movie is a mixture of every emotion in our life, and that is the reason why everyone loves this movie even after so many years its release.

We tried to add some of the finest movies of Tom Hanks from our perspective, but we urge you to let us know what you think about this list of best films of Tom Hanks. If you want us to add some of your favorite movie of Tom Hanks’, then please share with us.
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