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‘Two Sisters’ (2019): A Malaysian Mandarin-Language Psychological Horror Film

Directed by James Lee, one of the prominent figures in the Malaysian New Wave of the early 2000s, TWO SISTERS tells the story of a girl’s release from an asylum, as she reunites with her older sister, and together, they return to their abandoned family home. However, they soon discover a dark and tragic family […]

“A Most Wanted Man” (2014) Review: Expertly Crafted and Thought-Provoking

In the 2014 espionage thriller “A Most Wanted Man,” based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name, a Chechen Muslim immigrant enters Hamburg illegally and becomes a target of secret government squads following the movements of potential terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11. The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, […]

Netflix’s “Interceptor” Movie Review

Elsa Pataky plays the lead in director Matt Reilly’s debut action-drama “Interceptor” in which she as an army captain must do her best in defending a remote US missile interceptor base in the Pacific to save the nation from terrorist attacks. Now streaming on Netflix, it’s an old-fashioned action film and probably one of those […]

‘Black Water: Abyss’ (2020) Review: Not An Impressive Killer Crocodile Story  

Australian horror-thriller ‘Black Water: Abyss’ from the director Andrew Traucki is a standalone sequel to ‘Black Water’ (2007) with the same kind of horror drama in the presence of a bloodthirsty croc. With a much familiar premise, and in the absence of enough action, it is not as impressive as ‘The Descent’ (2006) or ‘The […]

‘A Classic Horror Story’ (Netflix Film, Review)

From the name of Netflix’s latest Italian horror film “A Classic Horror Story,” we can sense that this film intends to deal with horror film cliché but to what extent the directors duo Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli are successful in narrating a story is the real question here. The film is now streaming […]

‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ (Review) – An Unoriginal Bollywood Rom-com

Director Puneet Khanna’s debut Netflix Hindi romantic comedy film ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ is a typical Bollywood “boy-meets-girl” story that is no unique a tale, at least for those who follow Indian rom-com. From the very beginning, the film is too predictable although you enjoy a few of its witty scenes. For those of us who […]

“Crawl” (2019) – A Survival Thriller, Forces of Nature, & Killer Gators

Director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D) returns to the genre with this 2019 nail-biting horror thriller “Crawl” that brings not just one but multiple challenges to the protagonists in forms of the forces of nature. “Crawl” follows aspiring swimmer Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario) who receives a call from her sister Beth who […]

“Blow The Man Down” (Review) – A Thriller with Good Story and Characterization

Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, “Blow the Man Down” – directed by Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy – is a very well-made thriller set in Easter Cover, a quaint fishing village. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime and has garnered rave reviews for its story and characterization. “Blow the Man Down” […]

‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ – An Engaging Netflix Sci-Fi Drama

Director Jim Mickle’s Netflix film ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is one of the most creative and intriguing time travel stories we have watched in recent times. The film is a classic example of how there is still scope for filmmakers to experiment with the concept while creating something unique. Beginning in the year […]

ELI – Movie Review – A horror film with unexpected twists

Netflix horror film ELI is about a sick boy (played by Charlie Shotwell) whose parents Rose (Kelly Reilly) and Paul (Max Martini) admitted him into a secretive medical facility to treat his autoimmune disorder. The film from the very first few minutes promises suspense and thrill, and later moves towards the supernatural; however, it’s the […]

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