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Secret Window (2004) – An Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novella

An adaptation of Stephen King’s novella of the same name, the Johnny Depp starrer Secret Window is an average thriller in a predictable sequence of events. While the acting of Depp with his very eccentricities drives the story forward and actually makes you watch the whole film, there are certainly a few plot holes that […]

“Hotel Desire” (2011) – A German Erotica Fantasy Drama

“Hotel Desire,” written and directed by Sergej Moya, is a German erotic short drama. The movie chronicles the life of Antonia, a single mother who struggles to strike a balance between the demands of her career and spending enough time with her little son. I should make it very obvious that this movie is not for […]

‘Upside Down’ (2012) – Love Defies Gravity

The film ‘Upside Down’ opens with these words: “The universe, so full of wonders, I can spend hours and hours looking up to the sky … so many stars … so many mysteries. And there is one very special star that makes me think of one very special person … and now let me tell […]

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ – When Toys Come to Life

Walt Disney’s 2012-released Wreck-It Ralph is a sweet computer-animated film that takes you for a ride inside the fantasy gaming world in a different and new perspective. Directed by Rich Moore, this presents the story about an imaginary 80s video game called “Fix It Felix Jr” and its lead bad guy character Ralph. Ralph, who […]

Ironclad (2011) – Just A Bloody Swordplay

Well, I always like all kinds of historical movies, especially those popular stories depicting the past, even though those are loosely based on reality and more with fictional characters. ‘Ironclad’ (2011) is definitely one of those, set on the time of King John when he signed the very famous Magna Carta treaty. Directed by Jonathan English, […]

Death and the Maiden (1994) – An intriguing suspense drama

This Roman Polanski classic Death and the Maiden is indeed one of the films that brought many moral questions related to guilt, revenge, justice and punishment. The film surpass the cinematic boundaries with an authentic feel of play with only three characters on screen – and hence one of the finest opportunities for its actors to […]

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