‘Wreck-It Ralph’ – When Toys Come to Life

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Walt Disney’s 2012-released Wreck-It Ralph is a sweet computer-animated film that takes you for a ride inside the fantasy gaming world in a different and new perspective. Directed by Rich Moore, this presents the story about an imaginary 80s video game called “Fix It Felix Jr” and its lead bad guy character Ralph.

Ralph, who makes his living by smashing things in that arcade game, is miffed with the fact that over decades he has been doing the same job but no one has ever recognized his contribution to the game. It is, in fact, his opponent Felix who fixes everything Ralph wrecks with a magic hammer, and is finally awarded the medal.

After 30 long years of doing the same routine job, poor Ralph no longer wants to be the bad guy and wishes to earn a medal like Felix. So, he “goes turbo,” which means sneaking out of his own game and into another gaming universe, in order to realize a heroic life. Well, as soon as he leaves his own game – the game becomes “out of order”.

Ralph could sneak into any other gaming world as every arcade machine is connected to others via their plug sockets. While trying to prove that he has got everything that it takes to be a hero, he first sneaks into an action game “Hero’s Duty” – where Sgt. Calhoun leads an army of warriors in fighting against cyber-bugs on a distant planet – and then into the candy-coated cart racing game, Sugar Rush, where he meets Vanellope, a young girl known as a glitch (or an error coding), who needs his help.

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Wreck-It Ralph is an honest attempt and the storyline very well teams up all animated characters in it, including Felix, to pass the core message on identity, compassion, and loyalty. It is also about being an underdog and discovering who you really are. Of course, towards the end, you might find the subplots going a little haywire but that is acceptable as the whole plot of Wreck-It Ralph is witty and entertaining.

Director Rich Moore wants Mario to Star in Wreck-It Ralph Sequel. As per the latest reports, Moore wants to make a sequel with Mario in it alongside many Nintendo characters. In fact, the makers while making the first Wreck-It Ralph film wanted to have Mario but that had to be organic in the film. Hopefully, in the sequel, Disney and Nintendo will find out a way to include Mario in the film.

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