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THE PRIVILEGE (Netflix) – An Absurd German Horror Flick

THE PRIVILEGE (German: Das Privileg) is a German supernatural thriller that opens with the usual horror pitch but soon turns into different subgenres – from a romantic drama to a psychological thriller but ends as a cliche-filled horror film with not much scare. Directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schode, the film begins well with […]

Look Who’s Back (German Blockbuster)

Based on author Timur Vermes’s bestselling novel Er ist wieder da, translated by Jamie Bulloch, Look Who’s Back is a mockumentary based on German dictator Adolf Hitler. With a catchy and comic storyline, this film has been a great box office success in Germany. The plot of the film imagines Hitler returning to the modern […]

‘The Robber’ (German: Der Rauber) Follows A Marathoner Who Leads A Double Life As A Bank Robber

Ben Heisenberg’s German drama “Der Rauber” (The Robber), which was released in 2010, is about a bank robber who also happens to be an accomplished marathon runner. Johann Kastenberger, an Austrian long-distance runner and serial bank robber, served as the inspiration for the main character Johann Rettenberger. “The Robber” begins with Johann (Andreas Lust), who […]

“Hotel Desire” (2011) – A German Erotica Fantasy Drama

“Hotel Desire,” written and directed by Sergej Moya, is a German erotic short drama. The movie chronicles the life of Antonia, a single mother who struggles to strike a balance between the demands of her career and spending enough time with her little son. I should make it very obvious that this movie is not for […]

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