Look Who’s Back (German Blockbuster)

Look Who's Back (2015)

Based on author Timur Vermes’s bestselling novel Er ist wieder da, translated by Jamie Bulloch, Look Who’s Back is a mockumentary based on German dictator Adolf Hitler. With a catchy and comic storyline, this film has been a great box office success in Germany. The plot of the film imagines Hitler returning to the modern society of Berlin and his reaction to the present world and how he ends up becoming a comedian.

I had no clue about the book until I research a bit on the internet, so I was only watching it on Netflix hoping this was a slapstick comedy. Then with the treatment David Wnendt has given to the subject line, it even becomes more entertaining with an exceptional translation from the book to the big screen.

This political satire sees Hitler waking up in 2014 after a 70-year-long sleep only to find everything in Germany has been changed. Hitler is immediately recognized, but the public assumes the erstwhile leader of the Nazi party as a performer.

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He is surprised to see a multicultural Germany, where there is no respect for Fuhrer, no Nazi party, and no war, while there is the advent of contemporary western culture and technology. On the other side, the film through Hitler provides an insightful commentary on the world today.

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Netflix in February this year acquired the rights of this Adolf Hitler satire Look Who’s Back. This is the description of the movie on Netflix: People begin to think he’s a comedian and he becomes the biggest comedian in all of Germany. Until he does one thing wrong: Hitler crosses the line.

Genre: Political Satire, Comedy
Directed by: David Wnendt (Combat Girls, Wetlands)
Cast: Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Katja Riemann, Christoph Maria Herbst, Franziska Wulf and Michael Kessler.
Produced by: Christoph Muller and Lars Dittrich for Mythos Film and Constantin Film
Release date: Oct 8, 2015

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