Korean Film ‘The Daechi Scandal’ Releases Trailer

Korean Film ‘The Daechi Scandal’ Releases Trailer

The South Korean drama ‘The Daechi Scandal’ (대치동 스캔들) recently released its first trailer. Kim Soo-In wrote and directed this film, which will be released in theaters in June 2024, and it promises to give an engaging narrative full of romance, drama, and melodrama.


The story centers on Yoon-Im (played by Ahn So-Hee), a talented and straightforward Korean language instructor at a private institute in the Daechi neighborhood of Gangnam, Seoul. Yoon-Im’s life takes an unexpected turn when she reconnects with Ki-Haeng (Park Sang-Nam), her ex-boyfriend from ten years ago, who is now a fellow Korean language teacher at a nearby middle school. Their seemingly innocent meeting ignites a wave of rumors among the local parents, leading to suspicions about leaked exam questions and Yoon-Im’s professional integrity.

The ensemble cast includes: Ahn So-Hee as Yoon-Im, Park Sang-Nam as Ki-Haeng, Takuya Terada, Jo Eun-Yoo, Oh Tae-Kyung, and Bae Yoo-Ram
Director & Screenwriter:
Kim Soo-In
Cinematographer: Park Jae-In
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Release Date: June 2024

The film explores the intricate dynamics of relationships and the societal pressures in the tight-knit community of Daechi-dong. Stay tuned for more updates on ‘The Daechi Scandal.’

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