Month: June 2024

Turtles All the Way Down: A Captivating Romantic Drama

‘Turtles All the Way Down,’ a 2024 romantic drama film, is based on John Green’s 2017 novel. The film is directed by Hannah Marks and written by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker. Starring Isabela Merced, the story of the film revolves around a 16-year-old with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who sets out to uncover the disappearance […]

Korean Film ‘The Daechi Scandal’ Releases Trailer

The South Korean drama ‘The Daechi Scandal’ (대치동 스캔들) recently released its first trailer. Kim Soo-In wrote and directed this film, which will be released in theaters in June 2024, and it promises to give an engaging narrative full of romance, drama, and melodrama. Synopsis The story centers on Yoon-Im (played by Ahn So-Hee), a […]

Ghaath/Ambush (2023): Conflict in the Heart of India

Ghaath (transl. Ambush) is a 2023 Indian Marathi-language crime thriller directed by Chhatrapal Ninawe. Starring Jitendra Joshi, Milind Shinde, and Suruchi Adarkar, the film is set in Maoist-occupied jungles and delves into the tense interactions between guerrillas, civilians, and the police. Directed by Chhatrapal Ninawe, the film delves into the bloody civil war between the […]

Sleep (잠; Jam): A Chilling Tale of Newlyweds and Sleepwalking

In director Yorgos Lanthimos’s Sleep (잠; Jam) newlyweds Soo-jin and Hyeon-soo’s blissful life unravels as Hyeon-soo begins exhibiting terrifying behavior in his sleep. Their once peaceful nights turn into a haunting struggle for safety and sanity. The film was screened in the Critics’ Week section of the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2023 Synopsis: […]

Kinds of Kindness (2024): A Dark Comedy Anthology

“Kinds of Kindness” is a 2024 dark comedy directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and written by Efthimis Filippou. The film covers three strange stories: a guy attempting to manage his life, a police officer whose missing wife comes back differently, and a lady searching for someone with unique abilities who will become a spiritual leader. The […]

My Broken Mariko (2022): A Journey of Friendship and Grief

“My Broken Mariko” is a road movie about a woman who embarks on a journey carrying her deceased best friend Mariko’s bones. Synopsis Tomoyo (NAGANO Mei), an office worker, learns from television news that her best friend Mariko (NAO) died after falling from an apartment building. Mariko had suffered severe abuse from her father since […]

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