Ghaath/Ambush (2023): Conflict in the Heart of India

Ghaath/Ambush (2023): Conflict in the Heart of India

Ghaath (transl. Ambush) is a 2023 Indian Marathi-language crime thriller directed by Chhatrapal Ninawe. Starring Jitendra Joshi, Milind Shinde, and Suruchi Adarkar, the film is set in Maoist-occupied jungles and delves into the tense interactions between guerrillas, civilians, and the police.

Directed by Chhatrapal Ninawe, the film delves into the bloody civil war between the Indian government and Naxalite militants. Set in distant forest regions, the film captures daily violence and constant threats experienced by both militants and civilians. It portrays the grim realities of this long-running battle from the perspectives of a drunken police officer, an informant, and a demoralized guerilla.

The film also focuses on the plight of the Adivasis, indigenous people striving to defend their land, water, and forests since India’s independence. Ghaath weaves their conflicts with the narrative of an undercover Maoist seeking vengeance, a cop attempting to gain a guerrilla’s surrender, and a Maoist on the run motivated by love for an Adivasi woman.

Ninawe’s immersive direction creates captivating surroundings that heighten the audience’s sense of danger and tension. He won the 15th Giuseppe Becce Award for Best Director at Berlinale 2023. His previous work includes the award-winning short film “A Cheque of Death” (2007), addressing farmer suicides in central India.

Overall, Ghaath has received critical acclaim in the festival circuit, including a nomination for the GWFF Best First Feature Award and selection for the Panorama section at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) 2023.

Director: Chhatrapal Ninawe
Screenplay: Chhatrapal Ninawe, Vikas Mudaki
Cinematography: Udit Khurana
Editing: Navnita Sen
Music: Madhur Padwal
Starring: Jitendra Joshi, Milind Shinde, Janardam Kadam, Dhananjay Mandaokar, and Suruchi Adarkar
Release date: 18 February 2023 (Berlinale)
Language: Marathi

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