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‘Devils’ (Korean Movie): A Thrilling Tale of Identity & Vengeance

The upcoming Korean crime thriller ‘Devils’ is expected to have viewers on the edge of their seats. Korean films have always been loved for their compelling stories and intriguing storytelling. This eagerly awaited South Korean film, directed by the famed writer and director Kim Jae-Hoon, promises a distinctive and exciting cinematic experience. With its talented […]

‘Switch’ – Director Ma Dae-yun’s Korean Comedy Drama

Switch (Korean: 스위치) is an upcoming South Korean comedy-drama film written and directed by Ma Dae-yun. The film features notable performances by Lee Min-jung, Oh Jung-se, Kwon Sang-woo, and Park So-yi. The plot centers around a man who wakes up one Christmas morning to discover that he is living in a parallel universe to his […]

‘When Winter Comes’: Korean Romantic Drama Written & Directed by Lee Sang-Jin

Lee Sang-Jin wrote and directed the 2022 South Korean romantic drama ‘When Winter Comes’ (창밖은 겨울). The film’s plot centers around a former director turned bus driver who found an abandoned MP3 player that connects him to a girl and pieces of his past. ‘When Winter Comes’ has already been released in South Korea on […]

Korean Mystery Horror “The Other Child” (미혹)

Directed by Kim Jin-young-IV, “The Other Child” (미혹) is an upcoming Korean supernatural horror movie scheduled to hit Korean cinema in October 2022. The movie star cast includes Park Hyo-joo, Kim Min-jae, and Cha Sun-woo. “The Other Child” (미혹) – Movie Synopsis A couple decides to adopt a child to help them cope with the […]

“Tomb Of The River” (2021) – 강릉 – Korean Crime Action Film

South Korean cine stars Yoo Oh-sung and Jang Hyuk team up in the upcoming action thriller “Tomb of the River” (강릉), also known as Gangneung – a film about ambitions, conspiracies, and betrayals of different organizations surrounding the construction of the largest resort in Gangneung. Directed by Yoon Young-bin, “Tomb Of The River” is scheduled […]

The Eve (전야) – A Korean Action Film (Trailer)

Directed by Kim Sang-min, the upcoming Korean film “The Eve” (전야) promises to be a typical revenge action thriller. While we have watched many other Korean action films with some interesting characters set in a family drama and then how everything goes down with some unfortunate incident, “The Eve” is expected to be in the […]

Korean Movie “I” – Synopsis & Trailer

The upcoming South Korean drama “I” follows Ah-Yeong who graduated with child studies major and becomes the babysitter for single mother Yeong-Chae who is raising a six-month-old child by herself. The film captures their struggle in raising the kid. Directed by Kim Hyuntak, the film stars Kim Hyang-Gi, Ryu Hyun-Kyung, and Yeom Hye-Ran in prominent […]

FORGOTTEN (2017) – Korean Mystery Thriller (Must-Watch)

Directed by Jang Hang-ju, the South Korean mystery thriller film ‘FORGOTTEN’ (original title – Gi-eok-ui bam) follows the bonding between two brothers that starts to break after one gets kidnapped – and returns with no memory of the past 19 days. FORGOTTEN is probably one of the finest movies I have watched recently. Such a […]

Korean movie Montage inspires Hindi film TE3N

I have always been a big fan of Korean cinema, particularly those in the romantic and thriller genres. On the other side, movies in Indian cinema are more in the category of masala with music and wholesome entertainment. So, whenever I hear about some thriller or horror in Indian cinema, I tend to dig more […]

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