The Eve (전야) – A Korean Action Film (Trailer)

The Eve (전야) – A Korean Action Film (Trailer)

Directed by Kim Sang-min, the upcoming Korean film “The Eve” (전야) promises to be a typical revenge action thriller. While we have watched many other Korean action films with some interesting characters set in a family drama and then how everything goes down with some unfortunate incident, “The Eve” is expected to be in the same line.

“The Eve” (전야) follows Jeong-woo, who lives and works abroad to support his mother and sister Han-na back home. Things take a turn when his mother became a victim of a hit-and-run incident that forced Jeong to return to Korea. He finds that there is something off about the accident.  

In his finding, he learns that Cheol-jin, a member of the local organization Taechangpa and former classmate of Han-na, was involved in the death of her mother. Just as Jeong tries to get to the bottom of the incident, Taechangpa joins hands with a Japanese yakuza organization and kidnaps Han-na to capture and kill Jeong-woo.

Now, Jeong-woo does not have any other option but to fight till the end to avenge the death of his mother.

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Let’s watch the trailer here for “The Eve” (전야)

“The Eve” (전야) is releasing in South Korea on June 3, 2021. The film stars Seo Han-Gyeol, Hong Ah-reum, Park Yun, Kim Jung-woon, and Park Sun-im, among others.

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