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‘In the Wake’ – A murder mystery set in the aftermath of Tohoku earthquake

‘In the Wake’ is a multiple award-winning Japanese mystery drama film, directed by Takahisa Zeze, set in the aftermath of Tohoku earthquake. The film is based on the novel “Mamorarenakatta Monotachi e” by Shichiri Nakayama. The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami ravaged northeastern Japan in 2011. Following the disaster, three survivors create an unlikely relationship and […]

The Eve (전야) – A Korean Action Film (Trailer)

Directed by Kim Sang-min, the upcoming Korean film “The Eve” (전야) promises to be a typical revenge action thriller. While we have watched many other Korean action films with some interesting characters set in a family drama and then how everything goes down with some unfortunate incident, “The Eve” is expected to be in the […]

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