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Japanese Horror Film: “The Forbidden Play” (2023)

Based on Karma Shimizu’s novel “Kinjirareta Asobi,” and directed by Hideo Nakata (known for the iconic “Ring”), the Japanese horror film “The Forbidden Play” (禁じられた遊び) unveils a chilling tale. The story follows young Haruto, grieving the loss of his beloved mother Miyuki, as he takes matters into his own hands in a desperate attempt to […]

“From the End of the World” (2023): An Inspiring Tale of Resilience, Hope and Human Spirit

Japanese director and scriptwriter Kazuaki Kiriya’s “From the End of the World” is an emotional film that tells a tale of resilience, hope, and the indomitable human spirit. The story follows the journey of Hana, portrayed by the talented Aoi Ito, known for her exceptional performances in “BLANK” and “SEARCH.” Movie Synopsis Hana, a high […]

‘The Moon’ (2023) – A Story of Empathy and Courage

Adapted from Yo Hemmi’s novel “Tsuki,” “The Moon” is an upcoming Japanese film that follows a former writer who discovers meaning through making connections and overcoming neglect. From the direction of Yuya Ishii, the movie stars Rie Miyazawa, Fumi Nikaido, and Hayato Isomura. Based on an actual tale in which 19 people were slain in […]

Don’t Call it Mystery (Based on the manga series “Mystery to Iu Nakare”)

Based on the gripping manga series “Mystery to Iu Nakare” by the talented Yumi Tamura, the upcoming Japanese film “Don’t Call it Mystery” is set to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and engaging characters. Movie Plot The movie follows Totono Kuno (Masaki Suda), a college student known for naturally curly hair and sharp intelligence. […]

Mysterious Musicians Take the Stage in ‘Techno Brothers’: A Musical Comedy

Directed and written by Watanabe Hirobumi, “Techno Brothers” promises an exhilarating ride for techno aficionados. The film’s plot unfolds as a captivating road journey, placing enigmatic musicians in the spotlight. Set against the backdrop of the expansive Kanto plain, the pulse of techno music reverberates powerfully. This auditory spectacle is none other than the work […]

REVOLVER LILY (2023): Director Isao Yukisada’s Period Action Adventure

Director Isao Yukisada’s Japanese period action-adventure REVOLVER LILY, (aka Riboruba Riri) is based on a novel of the same name by Kyo Nagaura. Set in 1924 Tokyo after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the film tells the story of a beautiful, cold-hearted, and ruthless spy woman who has killed many people. REVOLVER LILY comes out on […]

‘Father Of The Milky Way Railroad’ (Watch the Trailer)

Based on novel “Ginga Tetsudo no Chichi” by Yoshinobu Kadoi, the upcoming Japanese drama “Father Of The Milky Way Railroad” follows Masajiro Miyazawa, the owner of a pawn shop, is faced with the dilemma of who should inherit his business after his son Kenji refuses to take over. While his daughter Toshi offers valuable advice, […]

Lesson in Murder (2022) – Kazuya Shiraishi’s Japanese Psychological Thriller

Director Kazuya Shiraishi’s ‘Lesson in Murder’ (死刑にいたる病), starring Sadawo Abe in an eerie performance, is sure to send shivers up your spine! The director adapts the novel of the same name which is said to be one of the masterpieces of mystery writer Riu Kushiki. Masaya is a college student who receives a letter from […]

‘In the Wake’ – A murder mystery set in the aftermath of Tohoku earthquake

‘In the Wake’ is a multiple award-winning Japanese mystery drama film, directed by Takahisa Zeze, set in the aftermath of Tohoku earthquake. The film is based on the novel “Mamorarenakatta Monotachi e” by Shichiri Nakayama. The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami ravaged northeastern Japan in 2011. Following the disaster, three survivors create an unlikely relationship and […]

Baby Assassins (TRAILER): A Japanese Action Comedy

Baby Assassins (ベイビーわるきゅーれ) is an offbeat action comedy directed by Yugo Sakamoto about Chisato and Mahiro, two teenage assassins who are abruptly compelled to become ordinary members of society. Tensions rise as the pair is forced to coexist, but when Chisato gets into trouble with the yakuza, the two must set aside their differences and […]

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