Mysterious Musicians Take the Stage in ‘Techno Brothers’: A Musical Comedy

'Techno Brothers': A Musical Comedy

Directed and written by Watanabe Hirobumi, “Techno Brothers” promises an exhilarating ride for techno aficionados. The film’s plot unfolds as a captivating road journey, placing enigmatic musicians in the spotlight.

Set against the backdrop of the expansive Kanto plain, the pulse of techno music reverberates powerfully. This auditory spectacle is none other than the work of the enigmatic trio known as the “Techno Brothers.” They travel to Tokyo with Himuro as their stubborn manager in order to impress a record label with their musical prowess. Their return to Otawara, their hometown, is a result of a new plan from fate.

The movie commemorates the tenth anniversary of the filmmaking collaboration “FOOLISH PIGGIES FILMS,” founded by director WATANABE Hirobumi and music composer WATANABE Yuji. The group, based in Otawara in Tochigi Prefecture, which is north of Tokyo, releases its first full-color feature film. The film made its debut in front of a large audience at the renowned 25th Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, which is the biggest Asian film festival worldwide. “Techno Brothers” became recognized as a unique musical comedy in the film industry after receiving rapturous praise and ovation at its premiere.

Movie Title: Techno Brothers [テクノブラザーズ (Tekunoburazazu)]
Written and Directed by: Watanabe Hirobumi
Music: Watanabe Yuji
Cast: Watanabe Hirobumi, Watanabe Yuji, Kurosaki Takanori, Yanagi Asuna, Ino Katsumi, Hisatsugu Riko, Iso Kiyotaka, Yanagi Kokona

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