My Broken Mariko (2022): A Journey of Friendship and Grief

My Broken Mariko (2022)

“My Broken Mariko” is a road movie about a woman who embarks on a journey carrying her deceased best friend Mariko’s bones.


Tomoyo (NAGANO Mei), an office worker, learns from television news that her best friend Mariko (NAO) died after falling from an apartment building. Mariko had suffered severe abuse from her father since childhood and was also physically abused by her partner.

Devastated by the news, Tomoyo steals Mariko’s bones from her father and sets out towards the sea, a place Mariko always wanted to visit. During her journey, Tomoyo reflects on her own life and her memories with Mariko.

The film is a heartwarming adaptation of an award-winning manga that emphasizes the strength of female friendship. “My Broken Mariko” is directed by TANADA Yuki, who is known for her humanistic films. It stars NAGANO Mei, who won an acting prize at the Japan Academy Film Prize in 2021, and NAO, a talented actor in both television and film.

Cast: Nagano Mei, Nao, Kubota Masataka
Director: Tanada Yuki
Screenplay: Tanada Yuki, Mukai Kosuke
Original story: Hirako Waka

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