“Tomb Of The River” (2021) – 강릉 – Korean Crime Action Film

"Tomb Of The River" (2021) – 강릉 – Korean Crime Action Film

South Korean cine stars Yoo Oh-sung and Jang Hyuk team up in the upcoming action thriller “Tomb of the River” (강릉), also known as Gangneung – a film about ambitions, conspiracies, and betrayals of different organizations surrounding the construction of the largest resort in Gangneung.

Directed by Yoon Young-bin, “Tomb Of The River” is scheduled for a November 2021 release.

Watch the trailer for “Tomb of the River” with the English subtitle

Movie Synopsis:

The film follows the leader of a crime gang in Gangneung, Oh, who plans to construct the largest resort in Asia. He is ably supported by his most trusted aide Gil-suk (Yoo Oh-sung) who is always loyal to his boss. While Gil-suk takes care of all the dirty jobs, Oh enjoys a comfortable life. Meanwhile, a young mobster from Seoul, Min-Seok, decides to get into the same business and build his own influence. Min-Seok uses all sorts of violent and deceitful means to acquire the resort. This puts Oh’s organization at risk, making Gil-suk hungry for revenge.

Title: Tomb Of The River (강릉)  
Directed by Yoon Young-bin
Genre: Action, Crime
Cast: Jang Hyuk, Yoo Oh-sung, Kim Byung-choon, Oh Dae-hwan, Park Jun-hyuk
Release Date/Year in Korea: Nov 2021

Where to watch Tomb of the River (2021)
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