‘When Winter Comes’: Korean Romantic Drama Written & Directed by Lee Sang-Jin

‘When Winter Comes’: Korean Romantic Drama Written and Directed by Lee Sang-Jin

Lee Sang-Jin wrote and directed the 2022 South Korean romantic drama ‘When Winter Comes’ (창밖은 겨울). The film’s plot centers around a former director turned bus driver who found an abandoned MP3 player that connects him to a girl and pieces of his past.

‘When Winter Comes’ has already been released in South Korea on November 24, 2022.


Seok-Woo (Kwak Min-Gyu) used to be a film director, but he left the profession and returned to his birthplace of Jinhae. He is now a bus driver, and one day he comes upon an old mp3 player on a chair in the bus terminal waiting area. The player leads him to meet Young-Ae (Han Sun-Hwa), who works at the bus terminal. Seok-Woo informs her that someone has misplaced their mp3 player, but Young-Ae claims that the player was dumped. Seok-Woo searches for the owner of the player while facing his past through the process of finding the owner of the MP3 player.

Watch the trailer here for ‘When Winter Comes’

Movie Title: ‘When Winter Comes’ (Native: 창밖은 겨울, aka ‘Winter Outside The Window’, ‘Changbakkeun Gyeoul’
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director/Writer: Lee Sang-Jin
Cast: Kwak Min-Gyu, Han Sun-Hwa, Lee Jung-Bi, Mok Gyu-Ri, and An Min-Young
Cinematographer: Kim Jin-Bem
World Premier: May 2, 2021 (Jeonju International Film Festival : JIFF (2021))
Release Date: Nov 24, 2022
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

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