Korean Mystery Horror “The Other Child” (미혹)

Korean Mystery Horror "The Other Child"

Directed by Kim Jin-young-IV, “The Other Child” (미혹) is an upcoming Korean supernatural horror movie scheduled to hit Korean cinema in October 2022.

The movie star cast includes Park Hyo-joo, Kim Min-jae, and Cha Sun-woo.

“The Other Child” (미혹) – Movie Synopsis

A couple decides to adopt a child to help them cope with the death of their third child in an accident. They adopt a visually impaired boy, hoping that raising him will compensate for the lack of love they gave to their lost child. The adopted boy has a keen sense and begins to notice the presence of another person in the house. He discovers that the presence is a boy who died a year ago, he then summons him back to the family. The mother becomes obsessed with contacting her long-lost child. The father and the other children suspect the adopted boy is lying and begin to worry about the mother’s growing obsession with her lost child and the adopted boy. The children feel compelled to tell their parents the secret about the lost child, which changes everything for the family.

Watch the trailer below

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