“Hotel Desire” (2011) – A German Erotica Fantasy Drama

Hotel Desire German Film

“Hotel Desire,” written and directed by Sergej Moya, is a German erotic short drama. The movie chronicles the life of Antonia, a single mother who struggles to strike a balance between the demands of her career and spending enough time with her little son.

I should make it very obvious that this movie is not for children because it contains explicit lovemaking scenes before I go on to discuss the movie in greater detail. To put it simply, this film is about passion and human desire.

The movie “Hotel Desire” is about a hotel maid named Antonia who lives alone in Berlin after sending her eight-year-old boy to live with her husband. She is tired of her monotonous work life and has ongoing issues with the senior staff members at her workplace.

Antonia (played by Saralisa Volm) yearns for more in her life than the typical routine of hard labor and loneliness, which is a very reasonable human yearning. She is aware of the absence of men in her life. Even at one point, she admits to a coworker that she had not had sex for a while.

One day when she is cleaning a guest room, she notices that the blind painter who was staying there is still taking a shower. Antonia continued to stand without even trying to breathe as the man exited the shower and began to get dressed. But as he reaches for his socks on the floor, he unintentionally touches her foot.

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In order to portray an intriguing love story, director Moya, who is also a very well-known young actor in the German film industry, sought to include both emotional relationships and sexual activity. Though it only lasts for around 40 minutes, the movie falls short on the love front but excels in expressing the joy of life in humans.

It’s interesting to note that the movie “Hotel Desire” was funded by an online contribution drive. Even though the movie features sexual content and explicit love scenes, it is not a pornographic production but rather a lovely depiction of a typical human relationship with joy, life, beauty, and love.

Hotel Desire 2011 German Film
Hotel Desire” (2011) movie is directed by Sergej Moya

‘Hotel Desire’ – Movie Credits

Director & Screenwriter: Sergej Moya
Music: Stefan Maria Schneider
Cinematography: Armin Franzen
Cast: Saralisa Volm, Clemens Schick, Jan Gregor Kremp, Herbert Knaup, Frederick Lau, Palina Rojinski, Trystan Pütter, Hans-Uwe Bauer, Petar Knezevic, Carlo Ljubek
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotica
Country: Germany
Year: 2011

Where to Watch “Hotel Desire”

Currently, we don’t have any information on “Hotel Desire” streaming or available for rent or purchase on any platform.

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