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Director David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather (2013) is a nice low budget thriller but somehow failed to attract universal attraction in comparison to some of its contemporaries.

The film plays a diabolical version of the popular dinner party parlour game Would You Rather where the participants must opt for one of the two dreadful punishments, often involving a choice between hurting themselves or others around the table. 

In the age of television reality shows, where we watch people doing unthinkable things to surpass others, this movie and its characters should not be a surprise for us. There are numerous instances in our present debased society where people absolutely do anything for money and fame. “Would You Rather” is just an insight into a possible scenario where people driven by their circumstances do the worst which otherwise would have been difficult for anyone.

Plot: Iris (Brittany Snow) is struggling to meet the expenses for her younger brother Raleigh (Logan Miller)’s treatment. Dr. Barden who is treating Raleigh introduces Iris to Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs) – a businessman and philanthropist – who offers Iris a deal to compete and win a game so that his charitable foundation will arrange everything for the treatment of Raleigh’s leukaemia treatment.

Albeit Iris was reluctant at first, she joined other contestants at Lambrick’s mansion. She then gets introduced with other contestants who all are in the game to win something but without any clue about the nature of the game. The game starts revealing itself when they are served dinner and Iris refuses to eat meat on her plate, being a vegetarian. The host Lambrick offers Iris $10,000 to eat the meat, which she accepts.

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However, the real motives of the host and the ugliness of the game come to the fore as soon as every contestant is offered with two undesirable options. Shepard Lambrick as the most sadistic host even offers them to leave the game if they want, but as no one leaves the table, it’s now Lambrick’s turn to get pleasure out of the desires of the contestants by throwing them into situations with cruel outcomes. The game turns more brutal and violent with activities such as electric shocks, stabbings, lashings, possible drowning, and even slicing of eyeball.

The most interesting aspect of the film is that director David Guy Levy doesn’t overdo the gore scenes. Many of us might have asked for more violent scenes in such a scenario, but honestly the sadistic game played by Jeffrey Combs with his excellent performance makes the film “Would You Rather” more horrific and thrilling even with limited bloodshed. The situations that leave each character helpless in a claustrophobic atmosphere are the real winner in the film.

Movie: Would You Rather
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Brittany Snow, Sasha Grey, John Heard, Logan Miller, Robb Wells
Director: David Guy Levy
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Released year: 2013

Watch the movie trailer of Would You Rather here on YouTube

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