Inhuman Resources (aka Redd Inc)

Inhuman Resources (aka Redd Inc)

I and my younger brother enjoy a lot watching movies and suggest each other what to watch and whatnot. In the last few days, I was out of town in my village with no access to the internet, but I got to watch a movie named Redd Inc. My brother had already watched this and so I thought to go with his thumbs up.

So, the story goes like this: Annabelle is a discontented young girl who entertains people as a webcam stripper. One night she is abducted during one of her shows and ends up chained in an office conference room like a place with five others. All these people are kidnapped by an escaped but wrongly-convicted serial killer Thomas Reddman (aka Redd).

Redd declares himself, “My name is Redd. I’m your new boss.” After being wrongly convicted, he has now tracked down all the people involved in the process of justice as participants in his trial and brought all of them together to prove his innocence, perhaps in the uncanny way possible. He now asks Annabel and other members in the room to re-examine the evidence in their best possible way or die trying.

In the meantime, he sets the rule of the house where any question can certainly bring unbearable pain to the participants. They are indeed trapped in a world of pain, impossible expectations, and a very likely situation of death as time passes. With the most ridiculously inhuman management style, Redd forces his “staff” to uncover the truth for the vengeance he seeks.

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Now, everyone in the house must do their best to survive but will Redd set anyone free? That’s the question that keeps you guessing till the end while you end up appreciating the concept of the film despite its sheer absurdness. But if you have to enjoy Redd Inc. you have to accept the gore scenes in the film.

The best part of the film is indeed Nicholas Hope who played Reddman so efficiently that you will agree to watch him again in another such villainous role. The fact that it’s a horror film without ghosts does the trick for me. Redd Inc. works splendidly for me with its peculiar narrative and casting. Director Daniel Krige builds the pace of the movie very wisely, leaving the feeling of terror and anxiety throughout the film.

Starring: Nicholas Hope, Kelly Paterniti, Sam Reid, Alan Dukes, Hayley McElhinney, James Mackay, Daniel Krige
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Directed by: Daniel Krige
Released year: 2012

Watch the trailer of Redd Inc on YouTube:

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