Month: June 2021

Mark Wahlberg Starrer Biopic Drama ‘Joe Bell’ (Trailer)

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and starring Mark Wahlberg, ‘Joe Bell’ is the true story of a man who goes on a mission to spread awareness about the effects of bullying in school after his son committed suicide as a result of youth bullying and gay victimization. ‘Joe Bell’ was first premiered at the 2020 […]

Megan Fox Stars in a New Suspense Thriller “Till Death” (TRAILER)

Megan Fox stars in this new suspense thriller “Till Death” directed by S. K. Dale. The movie trailer is now out, and in its first look, it looks like a decent revenge survival thriller. In the trailer, we see Megan Fox’s character Emma awakens handcuffed to her dead husband after spending a romantic evening in […]

David Lea’s Sci-Fi Short Film “On Sunday”

Released back in 2016, writer-director David Lea’s award-winning live-action sci-fi short film “On Sunday” is a wonderful film that takes our imagination to a whole new level. The short film follows an old man and his dog as they take their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of the deepest Cornwall. What could be just […]

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