TEDDY – French Horror Comedy Set to Stream on Shudder (Trailer)

TEDDY – French Horror Comedy Set to Stream on Shudder (Trailer)

Shudder has released a trailer for ‘Teddy’ – an upcoming French-language horror-comedy film. Earlier premiered at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, the film is now set for its release on streaming platform Shudder starting on August 5, although it’s already released in France on June 30.

Written and directed by brothers Ludovic & Zoran Boukherma, this French horror film follows the titular character Teddy, a young man who lives with his adoptive uncle and works in a massage parlor. His girlfriend Rebecca will soon graduate from high school and has a good future ahead. As scorching hot summer begins and for them, it’s the usual summertime, one full moon evening, Teddy is scratched by a beast in the woods, possibly by a wolf that locals have been hunting for months. Soon he starts experiencing unusual animal urges.

To the werewolf movie standards and looking at the trailer, we’re not too sure if this will be scary enough but seems to be an entertaining one with comedic elements.

As teenagers, the director duo was inspired by the monster stories that their mother – a Stephen King fan – used to tell them. In a sense, monsters and their imagination kept them occupied in their childhood. Set in the French countryside, ‘Teddy’ is a product of their imagination and the fun in such a horror genre they wanted to share with the viewers.

Teddy stars Anthony Bajon, Christine Gautier, and Noémie Lvovsky with screenplay from Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma.

As Shudder streaming service is not available everywhere, for many of us it will be difficult to catch the film. If you happen to watch the film, please send us your review in the comment section below or send an email. We would love to edit this post with additional inputs from you.

Where to watch Teddy (2020)
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