Martyrs Lane (2021) – A Ghost Story Or Just A Young Girl’s Nightmare

‘Martyrs Lane’ (2021) – A Ghost Story Or Just A Young Girl’s Nightmare

British horror film ‘Martyrs Lane’, directed by Ruth Platt, follows a little girl who happens to befriend a supernatural entity but soon she realizes that her world is in conflict with what she receives from the stranger.

Shudder has acquired the streaming rights for North America, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand for ‘Martyrs Lane’. The film has its international release date as August 19, 2021.

‘Martyrs Lane’Film Synopsis

Leah, 10, lives in a large vicarage, full of lost souls and the needy, with her parents, busy with their ministry and her older sister. In the day the house is bustling with people; at night it is dark, empty, a space for Leah’s nightmares to creep into. Leah can’t quite work out why something feels missing in her relationship with her mother, however hard she tries. When a small, nightly visitor appears, Leah feels duty-bound to receive them with kindness – and a little game between them begins in which Leah is set a nightly task. With each task, Leah’s knowledge grows – knowledge that unpicks at the broken relationship she has with her mother, and threatens to destabilize the world as she knows it.

While the synopsis of ‘Martyrs Lane’ looks like a simple ghost story, we might expect some psychological aspect to this. This is where the film might shine with Leah’s relationship with her mother and her constant feeling of being left out of her family. This is why with her loneliness when she meets a small, nightly visitor she gets close to the entity but that has its downside.

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So, is there a ghost in Leah’s house or is it all in her mind and psyche that her mother doesn’t love her enough? ‘Martyrs Lane’ will be a great watch, and we look forward to either streaming it or catch it in cinemas if it ever gets a theatrical release.

The film stars Denise Gough, Steven Cree, Kiera Thompson (as Leah), Anastasia Hille, Hannah Rae, Julie Barclay, Catherine Terris, Donna Banya, Charlie Rix, Lianne Harvey, and Sienna Sayer.

Director and Screenwriter: Ruth Platt
Director of Photography: Mark Gyori
Producer: Christine Alderson, Katie Hodgkin
Genre: Horror / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Year: 2021

Where to watch Martyrs Lane (2021)
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