Chopsticks – Netflix’s latest Indian original film (Review)

Chopsticks movie review

Netflix’s latest Indian original film “Chopsticks”, starring Abhay Deol, Mithila Palkar, and Vijay Raaz, is one of those very few Hindi films that is very much unique in content and treatment. Not very often do we find any reference to such characterization or storyline in any of the recent films (I may be wrong though).

“Chopsticks” follows a young introvert, an under-confident girl named Nirma (who often finds herself in the joke of others, being derived her name from a washing powder brand), and a street-smart conman who calls himself the Artist. These two characters meet when Nirma loses her newly bought car and hence seeks the help of the conman to retrieve that.

Well, not so strange as it may sound – as we’ve heard that when cops fail us, we tend to take the help of those who are on the other side of the law. Nirma takes the help of the Artist (played by Abhay Deol) who eventually becomes her guide to recover the stolen car, and at the same time – finds her self-confidence.

Considering Nirma is a shy, introvert, and probably has a social phobia – it makes the theme kind of relatable for most of us who come from a middle-class background. Nevertheless, this is where the story of “Chopsticks” comes into play. Even though the climax or the overall narration graph may or may not be that impressive, the film is fun and engaging.

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The film, we believe, has good characterization and the script is perfect for the role written for Mithila Palkar as Nirma. We see that she has weaknesses like a lack of confidence, but she has an ability that many of us don’t have – like speaking Mandarin. This character is well-sketched, but somehow, we needed a little more detail or backstory to Abhay Deol’s “Artist”. However, we can draw parallels in both as they dream of being something else.

Also, we see another interesting character i.e. a gangster named Faizal Bhai, played by none other than Vijay Raaz. The gangster here has his dear companion – a goat named Baahubali. The actor has managed to pull off yet another interesting character with his deadpan expression which is apt for the role. We wanted to see more of him though.

In the end, while we appreciate the overall acting by all three key characters, the script has nothing solid written for Deol. Mithila justifies her role as Nirma, although we can say that we have seen enough of her as the sweet girl. Nevertheless, the director of “Chopsticks” Sachin Yardi has no doubt done a decent job, but probably he could have had a better script to engage more of Deol and Vijay Raaz.

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