CRUEL PETER (Trailer) – Summoning a Spirit Trapped in a Cemetery

CRUEL PETER - Summoning a Spirit Trapped in a Cemetery

Here in India, we are yet to watch CRUEL PETER on any streaming platform, as it is currently not available on Netflix India or Prime. Nevertheless, the trailer looks interesting that follows the ghost of a 13-year-old boy, Peter, who was killed in a revenge attack, as he was notorious for his cruelty to children, animals, and servants.

What we have known so far from the trailer is that the story is set in 1908 in Messina. The titular character Peter is from a wealthy family. He is wicked and violent, and in one incident – he got attacked by a servant boy and later trapped inside a coffin underground. Soon after, when an earthquake devasted southern Italy, cruel Peter dies and his whereabouts are forgotten forever.

The story then jumps to the present time when we get to know a British archaeologist Norman Nash, who moved to Messina with his daughter Bianca to restore an old cemetery. In an attempt to contact the spirit of her deceased mother, Bianca unknowingly summons Peter, and his rages beyond the grave. Norman must now uncover the truth to save themselves from the wrath of an ancient.

Here is the trailer for CRUEL PETER

Genre: Horror
Starring: Henry Douthwaite, Katia Greco, Rosie Fellner, Aran Bevan, Zoe Nochi
Directed by Christian Bisceglia, Ascanio Malgarini
Screenplay by Christian Bisceglia
Cinematography by Duccio Cimatti
Studio: Vertical Entertainment
Country/Language: Italy/Italian

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  1. An archeologist and his daughter move to Italy after the death of his wife and while trying to contact her with a glass ball, the girl accidentally summon the ghost of an billionaire evil kid who was buried alive a century later.

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