Horror Short INVOKE Evokes A Sense of Fear

Horror Short INVOKE Evokes A Sense of Fear

Classic horror stories always evoke a sense of fear inside us as we get to know more about the characters, or the horrific incidents associated. Often, in the simplest stories, either there are some shocking endings or the situations too normal and relatable that our feelings push us into the fright zone.

Horror short film INVOKE is one of those films that shine with originality in treatment. Of course, there is the use of prop like a mirror to summon an evil entity, but there is no jump scare in terms of mirror reflection or any scary appearances. [Mirrors have been extensively used in horror films as a portal to another world.]

Coming to the story, the film follows a young woman who unintentionally summons an evil spirit in her home. The horrific incident starts when she receives an e-mail message on her phone from her cousin with an audio clip attached.

In the audio, a mysterious man talks about a serial killer Eliza Braum, who liked to slaughter her victims in a hidden space behind a bathroom mirror. She was later caught and sentenced to death, but she had a message for her coming back…        

In the next couple of minutes, we get to watch the urban legend turning real, and the evil lady haunting the protagonist.

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INVOKE is in line with the likes of Bloody Mary folklore and the cult classic “Candyman” (1992, directed by Bernard Rose). In the later, if anyone looks into a mirror and say the name ‘Candyman’ five times, a ghost of a man appears and brutally kills the summoner with a hook. [A supernatural slasher film, a remake of ‘Candyman’ is also coming in October 2020.]

Nevertheless, in this short film — the whole narration, camera angle and use of color in lighting build a spooky atmosphere. There is no such special effect, yet INVOKE goes well with impressive direction, camera work, and decent acting.

You may watch the full film INVOKE here:  

Starring: Debbi Jones and Brett DeJager
Directed by Carlos Omar De León
Screenplay by Vorasine Vince Phrommany
Produced by Brian Michael Hoesing and Carlos Omar De León
Production Company: Labyrinth Films

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