“Unfriended: Dark Web” (2018) – Watch the Trailer

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) - Watch the Trailer

As a follow up to Unfriended (2014), the recently released movie trailer of the Unfriended: Dark Web looks dark and disturbing. Directed by Stephen Susco and produced by Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions), the film is set for July 20 release.

Considering the whole concept of Internet and personal privacy, as a key subject of discussion lately, the movie looks interesting even though many similar horror films typically set on a very specific idea, but with limited perspective, this does not explore the subject beyond a point.

The movie is produced by the makers of Get Out, Happy Death Day, and The Purge.

Before we look at the storyline, let us watch the trailer for “Unfriended: Dark Web”

After watching the trailer, we may say that it reveals too much of the storyline and this is not a good sign. Moreover, in these kinds of movies, it becomes very essential for the makers to keep the suspense intact. Hopefully, Unfriended: Dark Web will have enough thrill and suspense to keep us engaged until the end.

Unfriended: Dark Web follows a group of friends who stumble upon a wrong laptop with disturbing content in it. As they all join for a video conference where they happen to watch some of the content from that laptop, they realize that they are being watched and they will have to pay the price for getting connected to a network of horror.

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Dark Web expectantly will capitalize on the fact that the Internet, despite being the most effective mode of communication, is also full of illegal and inappropriate materials.

As we all are now using the web in many ways, almost always, and there is no full-proof technology to keep our privacy safe from any spurious activities. A film exploring some possibilities while delivering entertainment might be interesting.

What if our laptop webcam is ON all the time even when not in use? What if someone is watching our activities on the Internet without our knowledge? What if some private/government agency is constantly watching or monitoring us for any reason? There can be many such questions muddling our minds.

There are certainly so many things we may consider, but for now, we have no other option but to use the Internet medium. Unfriended: Dark Web might be just a movie with no realty attached, but it might drive our imagination on those warnings we hear now and then in this digital age.

Do you like the plotline of the film Unfriended: Dark Web or the general idea behind these kinds of movies? Let us know in the comment section below.

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