THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY – A Story Around Mental Health Issues & Recovery

THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY – A Story Around Mental Health Issues & Recovery

This film is a deep look into the lives of primary and secondary survivors of trauma and how it can affect one’s mental health; however, in the end, hope is what makes living and moving forward with dreams possible.

The award-winning indie drama The Extraordinary Ordinary has a very much relatable story based around mental health issues, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the path to recovery. Written and directed by Natalie Rodriguez, the film follows a girl who struggles to cope with her traumatic past with constant triggers making her more anxious and fearful of her present.

Erica (Maddison Bullock) is a college freshman who moves across the country to cope with her mental health linked to a traumatic incident from high school. Away from her family, as she tries to adapt to her new life, she befriends a classmate Bianca (Ana Marte), and a co-worker Alex (Alex Montalban) who has a history of their own.

The film is a realistic display of what many are going through in the daily struggle with various mental health conditions. It is a story that ought to be told as in many cases such health issues are overlooked by friends, family members, and even the community that further alienates the individual.

As we know, it could be anything – a traumatic past related to sexual violence, an abusive family member (as we learn through the film’s characters), or even an accident or anything that later affects our social, mental, and physical self with scary moments in our lives.

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The Extraordinary Ordinary shows how it is essential to overcome our fear, distressing memories, and any such unwanted physical and emotional reactions through love, care, self-awareness, and a sense of community.

The film is very tightly written to make it believable. As in one moment of the film we see the protagonist asks her therapist, “why are we so protective of our own pain?” And, then in response, the doctor says: “I suppose it has a lot to do with letting go of that piece of ourselves, the inner child, the fear it once held over our adult, present selves.” The conversation is so true to reality and how it is critical to understand the essence of the relationship, life, and purpose of our lives.   

Director Natalie Rodriguez navigates in between different stages of the individual struggle with a narration that keeps us engaged as we relate to the on-screen characters and reflect on the possible outcomes with changes in our overall approach. With a team of talent cast, The Extraordinary Ordinary is indeed a must-watch as it spreads awareness on such a critical health issue that warrants attention from all of us.

The film is now available for rental or purchase on Amazon PrimeTubiIMDb TV, and Google Play. For more info on rental, purchase, and trailers, please follow the link:

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Cast: Maddison Bullock (Ice the Movie, Wives of the Sky), Alex Montalban (My Dinner with Herve), John Posey (How to Get Away with Murder), Ana Marte (Need for Speed, Amigos) & introducing, Della Lisi Kerr.

Written, Directed & Executive Produced by Natalie Rodriguez

Produced by Extraordinary Pictures, Maddness Pictures & Larry Minion

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