‘The Gift’ – Netflix’s Turkish Supernatural Drama

'The Gift' - Netflix's Turkish Supernatural Drama

Netflix is bringing its second Turkish mystery series ‘The Gift,’ a series that follows the life of a painter in Istanbul.

‘Fatmagul’ star Beren Saat (“Forbidden Love” or Aşk-i Memnu) and Mehmet Günsür (“Loves Likes Coincidences” or Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever) star in this series ‘The Gift’ based on the novel Dünyanın Uyanışı by Şengül Boybaş.

What is ‘The Gift’ about?

The storyline of ‘The Gift’ involves an ancient mystery and its connection to the past life of the story’s central character. The thriller introduces us to Atiye, a young and beautiful painter, who is living a content life in Istanbul. She has a lovely family and she is about to open a solo exhibition of her works.

However, as things take a turn in her life, her perfect life is about to be unsettled with the discovery of an ancient temple Gobeklitepe. An archaeologist named Erhan discovers a symbol in the ruins that connects to one of Atiye’s paintings. With the mysterious event, Atiye will now turn her life upside down and embark on a journey to discover her past and secrets hidden within those ancient ruins.

‘The Gift’ | Netflix Series Teaser

Netflix is yet to release a full trailer, here is a teaser. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Watch ‘The Gift’ – Season 1 – Now Streaming on Netflix

Cast: Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger, Melisa Şenolsun, Başak Köklükaya, Civan Canova, Tim Seyfi, Meral Çetinkaya, Hazal Türesan, Cezmi Baskın.
Genres: TV Shows Based on Books, TV Mysteries, TV Dramas

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Where to watch The Gift (2019)
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