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Gal Gadot & Alia Bhatt in Netflix’s Spy Action Thriller “Heart of Stone”

The eagerly awaited spy thriller “Heart of Stone” will debut on Netflix on August 11. This movie promises to be an action-packed adventure and stars Gal Gadot, who is best known for her roles in “Wonder Woman” and “Red Notice,” together with Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt. Gadot plays Agent Rachel Stone, a skilled intelligence […]

THE SPY (Netflix): True Story of Mossad Agent Eli Cohen

Written and directed by Emmy-winner Israeli filmmaker Gideon Raff (Prisoners of War, Homeland, and Tyrant), the latest Netflix espionage thriller THE SPY is based on the real-life story of 60s Mossad agent, Eli Cohen – an Egyptian-born Arab Jew. Cohen is considered one of the most widely known Israeli spies in modern world history, who […]

The November Man (2014) – Movie Review

Pierce Brosnan is back in a genre for which he is known, as a secret agent, but does he succeed in playing the role of yet another but highly skilled CIA agent in the new action thriller The November Man? Well, as far as his performance is concerned, he is pretty watchable but the film somehow […]

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